Who We Are

The Cybernet Albania has been providing IT support and services to small businesses Worldwide since 2016. We believe every organization should have quick access to affordable IT support. Our knowledgeable technicians have the expertise to handle all types of support, from the simple maintenance of an individual’s workstation, to problems affecting your entire IT infrastructure.

We strive to eliminate your IT issues before they cause the expensive downtime that’s been known to hinder operational efficiency. At CYBERNET ALBANIA , our dedicated team of enthusiastic IT professionals understand the core concept that your success is our success.

I have found over the years that many small business owners share a common set of frustrations with their IT Services vendor …

  • Support response from the vendor is slow
  • It takes multiple trips or calls just to solve a single problem
  • And the resulting bills are always a surprise

And that’s just the poor performance they can see! What’s worse, and potentially catastrophic, is the problems that almost always lie hidden …

  • Their data backups are bad or incomplete
  • They have viruses, malware and spyware
  • Their equipment robs productivity and wastes wages because it isn’t tuned-up
  • They’re not prepared to recover if there’s a disaster

Any one of those can be costing you wages and profits right now. And they could all threaten the existence of your business … and the nest egg you’re counting on.

When I get in front of business owners like you, I can show you easily how you’re at risk … way beyond the everyday frustrations and inefficiency you see.

What you don’t know about your IT has your data – and maybe your entire business – at risk. Give me 30 minutes and I’ll show you the remedy.

I have built an incredible team with a common goal to keep your data secure, your staff productive and your business profitable, all while providing an excellent customer experience.

If you have 5-500 employees and want to experience a better way, give me a call. I’d love the opportunity to explore whether or not we’re a good fit for each other.


Solve Problems

Each team member at Cybernet takes initiative to solve problems to ensure the success of our clients, our company, and each other. If there is a more efficient or effective way of doing something, we’ll find it.

Be a Partner

We believe in the power of long-lasting partnerships, serving our clients with remarkable service and sustainable solutions. Our team values communication and collaboration with coworkers, customers, vendors, and business partners.

Make Tech Easy

Cybernet believes technology should be simple to use and easy to understand. Every solution we develop simplifies the complex in order to remove frustration and facilitate efficiency.